Welcome to the Jibo Blog on Social Robots

Welcome to the Jibo blog on social robots! Whether you are a technology enthusiast or simply intrigued about the role social robots will play in our daily lives, this blog is for you.

To help set the stage, click on my TED talk here below to understand what social robots are all about. Also, I hope you were intrigued and delighted by the robot timeline. It was a challenge to whittle down all the fascinating contributions over many of years into a short list of highlights. Each one is an important first, or has made a significant impact on the evolution of social robots today and what they can become tomorrow.

We have lined up a great set of contributors who are rock stars in their respective fields. Each week, we will have new posts in the categories of:

  • Thought Leaders: Visionaries who shall provide commentary on the opportunity of social robots on society at large, and why it is a transformative technology.
  • Techies: Gurus who shall lift the curtain on the latest advancements and opportunities in technology applied to social robots and beyond.
  • Designers: Creative geniuses that work magic at intersection of technology and human experience, and who will share what is particularly exciting at the intersection of design and social robots.

Our goal is to create a destination where a fascinating and thoughtful dialog can unfold about the evolution of social robots and our future.

Read, enjoy, and contribute!

DR. CYNTHIA BREAZEAL is Founder and CEO of Jibo, Inc., and Associate Professor at the MIT Media Lab where she founded and directs the Personal Robots Group. Breazeal is acknowledged as the pioneer of Social Robotics, and is a globally recognized innovator and thought leader in cutting edge technology. Her book, Designing Sociable Robots, published by MIT Press, is considered a seminal work in the field.