Animating Jibo: Creative Imitation

Last week, Susan demonstrated just how easy it is to animate Jibo using the Jibo SDK. In this weeks update, Fardad Faridi will take you through his design thinking so you can understand one of the ways he brings Jibo to life through animation.

This week Fardad explains why it's important for Jibo to imitate human-like gestures in his movements and animations. In this particular example, Jibo imitates a young child playing with a toy car. Even though Jibo has a very different form, he can mimic elements of the child's action and make them his own. For example, Fardad explains how a child might grab a toy car from a chest. In Jibo's case, he might assemble the car on the spot- using his eye as the missing wheel.

At the end of the video you will have an opportunity to see both of the actions side-by-side: the young child and Jibo both playing with their respective toy cars. The finished animation is a great example of how Jibo can translate these kinds of actions and make them his own while remaining charming and familiar.

This kind of design thinking is especially important for developers. Keep a look out for this kind of creative imitation to implement in your designs and animations, it will go a long way towards helping Jibo to connect with his family. This is just one of the many ways Jibo can achieve a deeper level of connection with his family and friends, but it's an important one.

We will have more brief videos demonstrating what's possible with Jibo and the SDK in the coming weeks, stay tuned! For now, enjoy Fardad's video below.


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