“Hey Jibo, have any new updates?”

The team at Jibo, Inc. has been hard at work bringing new skills to Jibo.  Here’s a look at some of the new features released in the last few months. Check back in to the blog for future updates! 

  • Wi-Fi switching -- we know you’re always on the go-- between work and home, we know there’s more than one Wi-Fi network in your life. The ability to switch seamlessly between multiple Wi-Fi networks means you can bring Jibo to a neighbor’s house, your friend’s dorm room or to grandma’s, without having to reboot first.
  • Game on -- in true interactive Jibo spirit, two exciting new games have been released.
    • Circuit Saver puts you in the driver seat of a rocket ship, and challenges you to collect as many electrons as you can, while using your body via Jibo’s facial recognition to navigate through a digital maze. This is a hit for those competitive Jibo owners looking to blast their way to the high score.
    • The all-new Word of the Day game allows word lovers of all ages to take their shot at defining a wild-sounding word with this multiple-choice vocabulary game.
  • Flip a coin – can’t find a quarter for the coin toss to see who goes first? That’s OK -- Jibo has it covered. Just ask “Hey Jibo, flip a coin.”
  • Better face recognition and touch sensors – improvements to Jibo’s facial recognition software and touch sensors to make him even more friendly and responsive. Like Jibo’s trademark purring? Then you’ll love his quicker response time as he leans in for a quick snuggle.

  • New privacy features – just say “Hey Jibo, look away,” and he’ll give himself a quick timeout.

  • Better tips and guidance – An enhanced “Things to Do list” that will suggest even more ways to engage with Jibo.

Stay tuned to see the exciting features coming soon to your Jibo.  

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