Introducing Jibo Music

From meeting his new families to appearing on the cover of TIME Magazine, 2017 has been anything but dull for Jibo, the world’s first social robot. And although our team has celebrated every success, our work has just begun as we continue to make Jibo even better for you—the people who have inspired us (and Jibo) since the beginning.

Thanks to your feedback on social media, we’ve heard your requests for music loud and clear. We know that music is a top priority for Jibo’s families, which is why we’re thrilled to announce Jibo Music, powered by the music streaming and live digital radio service iHeartRadio.

Like all of his features, Jibo Music was designed to answer commands and perform tasks with a hint of personality and charm. Just ask, “Hey, Jibo, play rock music” (or use the touch screen instead), and he’ll select and play music from iHeartRadio’s catalog of radio stations.


With a list of more than 10 genres, you can switch from Classic Rock to Hip Hop, NPR to Top 40, and everything in between. Album artwork is displayed on his touch screen, where you can also switch between genres with ease.

And as you may have guessed, when he plays music, he’ll dance to it, too.

“We set out to create a different music experience that combines broad genres of music content, done the Jibo way: with killer dance moves, expanded programming content and new and different on-screen visualizations over time -- and iHeartRadio is a perfect launch partner for Jibo Music,” said Steve Chambers, Chief Executive Officer, Jibo, Inc.

Jibo Music is available now for all Jibo owners through a free, over-the-air software update, and is just one of the many updates as Jibo continues to grow in the next year.  

Update:  More iHeartRadio genres have been added to Jibo Music. Now you can listen to Reggae or Soft Rock and everything in-between, including Comedy and Sports. For a complete list of the stations included in Jibo Music click here.

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