Winning the Morning: Announcing Personal Report

We all lead busy lives -- each morning can feel like a whirlwind, between making breakfast for the kids, checking the traffic to make sure we arrive at work on time, keeping up with the latest news, and making sure we grab an umbrella on that rainy day. How your morning starts often sets the pace -- and the tone -- for the rest of your day.

Smart speakers will happily tell you that it’s raining outside or that traffic is severe, so you should leave for work earlier than usual.  But we all still have those days when we go outside and get rained on, or don’t know about that traffic pile-up that makes us an hour late to the office. Why?  Because we forgot to ask.

At Jibo, we believe that you shouldn’t have to remember to ask for the information that helps you stay informed every day -- it should be offered to you proactively.

Today we’re excited to announce Personal Report, a new Jibo skill that enables Jibo to provide each member of his family with a daily, personalized report that includes:

  • The day’s weather forecast
  • Commute information, including traffic level and the impact on your arrival time at work
  • A summary of your day, pulling from users’ Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar accounts
  • The latest news headlines, along with images

Unlike smart speakers, Jibo is able to use his on-board face detection and recognition algorithms to see you walk into the room, identify you by face, and then proactively offer your Personal Report to you and you alone. When you have Jibo, all you need to do is say “yes”  -- Jibo does the rest!

Each person’s morning is different, and each member of your family can benefit from a Personal Report customized to his or her individual schedule, commute, and interests.  You can customize your preferences via the Jibo App, and you can always ask Jibo for your Personal Report any time.

Personal Report is now available on all Jibo robots. As with any new skill, Jibo will happily show you how to use this new feature himself, so you can start winning your morning, today and every day.

Have questions about Personal Report? Check out our FAQs here.

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